· Tina & Jon ·

Lauren and Joe bride and groom

"Terry is amazing!! Continue Everyone in our wedding party had to travel at least 2 hours away to our venue. It rained the day of rehearsal and Terry was the most patient with everyone. She was very organized and customized our ceremony to fit my husband and I. We highly recommend Terry to anyone who is in need of an officiant!
~Tina & Jon

· Lauren & Joe ·

Lauren and Joe bride and groom

"Fantastic Officiant! Continue We found Terry through WeddingWire and worked with her remotely for our out of state wedding (We're in PA, but married in VA) via phone and email. Terry was easy to work with and provided guidance along the way. She was so warm and friendly. We didn't actually meet Terry until our rehearsal but it felt like we'd known her a long time. Terry is such an asset - I can't speak highly enough of her!
~Lauren & Joe

· Jessica & Greg ·

Ashley and Ben bride and groom

"Terry is a truly wonderful lady! Continue She took the time to work closely with us to create a unique and personal wedding ceremony. We can't say enough great things about her professionalism, yet down to earth nature. If you haven't booked her yet, GET ON IT!
~Jessica & Greg

· Billy & Agnelo ·

Ashley and Ben bride and groom

"Terry was simply amazing. Continue Everyone attending our wedding commented how much they enjoyed our ceremony. We would not change anything"
~Billy & Agnelo

· Ashley & Ben ·

Ashley and Ben bride and groom

"If you are looking for someone to make your day truly unique, look no further. Continue Terry helped us create an incredible wedding day experience. She was extremely attentive to detail, took the time to learn who we are as a couple, and created a ceremony that fit us perfectly. We highly recommend Terry for anyone looking for an officiant. We are happy to still call her our friend today."
~Ashley & Ben

· Donna & Dan ·

Donna and Dan wedding couple

"Best choice besides my husband and I made was choosing Terry. Continue She traveled very far and helped us on more ways then even expected. She even went the extra mile and made our honeymoon unforgettable, we think of her as family now."
~Donna & Dan

· Bridget & Ian ·

bride and groom bridget and ian

"Our wedding was simply perfect and truly a reflection of the love that my husband and I share. Continue We knew we wanted something unique that spoke about what our marriage really meant to us. Terry crafted a beautiful ceremony that was more than we ever dreamed of and her words echo in our hearts and minds every day."
~Bridget & Ian

· Julia & Ben ·

"I cannot describe in words how amazing Terry is. Continue She made my husband's and my marriage just so special: she created an absolutely beautiful ceremony, was very understanding and a good listener, and helped in any way she could (sometimes even beyond the typical officiant's "duties"). To keep a long story short, my hired wedding planner decided that she didn't want to come to the wedding after all for personal reasons unexpectedly. But Terry was there to keep things going and just perfect; she was willing to take up planner duties even. Luckily, it did not come to that--but this is just one example of Terry's enormously kind heart and support. This aside, she also met with me and my husband for a personal lunch to get to know us beforehand rather than just jump into the role; she made us feel very confident and at ease. She was also always available for any needs, or just to simply chat! I really cannot stress enough how professional, down-to-earth, unique, and just wonderful this woman is. You will DEFINITELY not regret hiring her! It has been over a year since our wedding, and Terry and I still keeping in touch. Not only was she just an amazing officiant, she is an amazing person and friend."
~Julia & Ben

· Ashley & Timothy ·

ashley and timothy on wedding day

My husband and I are dedicated Wiccans and were having a hard time finding an Officiant that fit our style of spirituality. Continue After finding Terry we knew we had found our fit! Her incorporation of nature and Mabon, the harvest festival and Autumnal Equinox that had just passed 2 days before our wedding was perfect... Her contributions to our altar were wonderful... I can't stress this topic enough, Terry was MORE than responsive! She returned my initial phone call within 5 minutes... I can honestly say having Terry as our officiant was priceless."
~Ashley & Timothy